Solar Powered Tent

the tent glows when called

this tent glows when signalled

You are at a camping festival and cannot find your tent… imagine sending an SMS and seeing your tent light up in response. No phone signal, no worries. If you get within a general vicinity, your phone can use the same technology found in “tap and go” cards (like the Oyster card in London) to connect to your tent and have it light up.

Is it cold? When the temperature drops, the tent automatically heats the groundsheet. Need to charge your gadgets? Forget wires and cables, this tent has a charging pouch where you simply drop your device.

solar power your gadgets

solar power your gadgets

An electric current is generated by a coil in the pouch and voila, your devices are recharged easily. This tent is also capable of emitting a wifi signal. Everything can be controlled by an LCD screen inside the tent and the best part of all is that everything is run by solar power.

The tent I’m talking about is a concept tent called Glastonbury created by the telecom giant Orange in conjunction with an American company called┬áKaleidoscope. The aim was to come up with an idea for a tent that would benefit people going to Glastonbury (the music festival in England). Unfortunately it is still only a concept but this is one idea I would love to see come to life. Finding a way to use solar power in a tent could really revolutionise the camping experience.

Solar power has started to arrive in real world camping though… in a camping area housing homeless people called Tent City in Lubbock, Texas, solar panels have been installed that provide power to LED lights inside the tents. This is far from the ecological dream product described above but we know how exponentially technology advances so hopefully the Glastonbury tent (or one like it) is not too far away.